How To Receive Western Union funds via GTBank ATM

How To Receive Western Union funds via GTBank ATM

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Receive Western Union funds via GTBank ATM

Receive Western Union funds via GTBank ATM

Receive Western Union funds via GTBank ATM

Great to educate you that a quick and simple way has come whereby you would now be able to Receive Western Union assets by means of GTBank ATM. The full organization lines/procedure of doing has been recorded beneath.

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As of now we realize that Western Union International is a worldwide cash exchange organization with more than 480,000 operator areas in more than 200 nations of which Guaranty Trust Bank plc is an immediate specialist. Furthermore, now GTBank has turned out to be one of Western Union’s exceptionally suggested operators in Africa and the world. Certification Trust Bank plc offers quick and effective administration for all to get their assets in the nearby cash, (Naira).

The new Account Based Money Transfer (ABMT) benefit from Western Union enables you to get cash straightforwardly into your GTBank Account online continuous!

The item enables you to:

  • Enjoy 24/7 convenience to complete fund receipt processes from your home or office
  • Save time as you no longer need to go to the bank
  • Experience the same fast and secure Western Union standard

How To Receive Western Union funds via GTBank ATM

Follow the process below to receive Western Union funds via any GTBank ATM nationwide:

  • Simply press any key on the ATM
  • Click the Western Union option
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Select account type
  • Select the country where the funds were sent from (sending country); and where country is not available, enter the sending country code / ISO Code
  • Enter the expected amount in Naira
  • Enter the GTBank NUBAN account of the receiving party
  • Enter the 10-digit Money Transfer Control Number (“MTCN”)

But in case you are not use to using the ATM, there are other ways you can still receive your Wastern Union Fund, which I will be adding below:

  • Logon to GTBank Official website here
  • Log on to the Internet Banking portal from
  • Click on GTCollections
  • Select ‘New Request’
  • Click ‘Western Union Receive Money
  • Input payment details on the form displayed
  • Provide answer to secret question in the field provided
  • Check on ‘Terms and Conditions’
  • Click ‘Continue’ to accept details and proceed to the confirmation page
  • Click ‘Submit’ to execute transaction
  • View Transaction History page to confirm successful completion of transaction
  • Click on View Receipt to print your transaction receipt


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